MicroLearning Course Sample

Demo this FREE, 2min sample course to ⚡ spark some ideas as to how you could Convey-Your content in a much more meaningful way.

Adapt to the New Reality

It’s time trainers adapted to the new reality: shorter attention spans, endless distractions, the always-on mobile life. We can show you how to take your premium content and turn these challenges into opportunities. It takes a new tool and a new approach.

New Pressures on Your Content

Employees and customers with fruit-fly level attention spans no longer respond to linear content dumped online. Even premium, free content is taken for granted, forgotten, or side-stepped with a tap. If you build premium content, what if they don’t come?

Every day is a new fight for attention. Clients increasingly require agencies to prove their ROI on your training programs. How are you driving and measuring impact in the organizations you serve? What systems do you have in place to create habit change in employees, partners, and customers?

To get your ideas flowing, take this microlearning course. You'll experience 10 different formats that can be used to rocket launch your engagement levels, better leverage your content, and drive positive, measurable change within organizations.

What it's all about

- Making mobile access & experience paramount

- Bite-sized chunks of content, 2-5 minute engagements, optionally spread out over time.

- Using format variety and gamification to keep them coming back.

- Video, short text bodies, highly interactive

How it Works

After clicking "try it out" and registering, the iPhone screen on this page will turn into a live demo! Scroll down the page to learn about each content format and then interact with the course within the iPhone on-screen.

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The challenge question format is a great example of using the socratic method to challenge someone's understanding of a concept or shake up a well held belief.

There's only one right answer. However, you can keep trying until they get the right answer.

There's a slight timed point reduction to break leaderboard ties more easily.

Use Cases

Challenge an industry belief. Then backfill the right answer with a video.

Deliver killer post training follow up testing for your clients.

Create a 2 Week Challenge

pie-chart icon


Polls are one of our most used formats. The optional, anonymous results shown afterwards helps participants see how they fit into your community.

Results from your polls can be used to further segment your audience or create targeted, automated follow up campaigns.

Use Cases

Collect sentiment or demographic information before a training.

Ask for a review of your training afterwards.

Tailor your learning experience by using poll results to put learners in different groups.

guage icon


Assessment questions are very similar to polls with one main distinction! Each answer you provide can have a different points value so that participants can receive points based on their answer.

Use Cases

Create many assessment questions that result in an overall student score. Use that score to decide how how advanced your training should be.

Help your participants see how they rank with others in their division, class, etc.

order icon

Order Challenges

Order Challenges are great for testing someone's understanding of the steps in any process or checking to see if they can recall important points in time. A student gets a small deduction in points each time they incorrectly guess the order and then subsequent points for finishing!

Use Cases

Test people on their understanding of the steps in any process.

Test people on the order events.

chart-up icon

Stats Trackers

ConveYour isn't just about making content easier and funner to digest. It's also about helping participants create new positive behaviors!

With Stats Trackers, you can setup daily, weekly, or monthly alerts to ask employees or previous attendees to record their progress.

These results can be used to segment top performers, follow up with under performers.

Use Cases

Ask someone you are coaching "How many glasses of water did you drink today?"

Ask, "1-10 How present of mind were while on your calls with clients?"

Ask a sales rep "How many calls did you make today?" every day at 5pm.

checklist icon


Checklists are another example of how ConveYour can be used to help drive real-world milestones and create new habits.

People can earn points for each item checked off, finishing the checklist, and/or just for participating.

Use Cases

Distill your slidedeck training into a gamified todo list!

Break-down complex tasks into multiple checklists. Release checklist 2 only after checklist 1 is completed!

blank icon

Fill'n The Blank

They are very simple, but the fill'n the blank format is the perfect choice when using a multiple choice question would give away the right answer.

You can provide many correct answers making it easier for the participant

Use Cases

Create fun factoid challenges.

Make them recall techincal terms.

Test correct term spelling not just recollection.

broadcast icon

Social Engagement

This is the gamification of social media! You prep a social post. Your participants share it to earn points!

Do you want to reward influencers for sharing your book launch? Do you want to amplify your reach after an event?

Use Cases

Create a product launch campaign that rewards loyal followers based on their points earned when sharing your content.

Prep "I did it!" posts for your learners to help them celebrate their victories.

open-ended icon

Open Ended

Sometimes you just want to get a qualitative answer from your participants, right? Open ended responses are the answer.

Within ConveYour, you can quickly review a feed of these answers and export them to share with groups.

Use Cases

Prepping ideas for the next meeting.

Journaling their progress.

presentation-board icon

Any Content

Yes, we ❤ our engagement formats. But we know you also need to share images, PDF's, slide decks, etc. Guess what!? You can embed them all!

Use Cases

Create a lead magnet course that contains multiple ebooks.

Embed an Amazon product widget at the end of your course, to promote your book.

Show a slidedeck first and then have follow up questions about it.

medal icon

Motivate with Gamification

Creating incredibly engaging content is a must in this distracted world we live in. Level up your training by incentivizing your participants to create those new habits or truly understand your content.

Use Cases

Create a post training 30 day challenge for your company. Use the points leaderboard to recognize top performers.

Embed an "industry pop quiz" on your site.

Create more competition amongst your coaching clients.

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