With ConveYour

You'll keep your learners engaged.
You'll tailor content to the needs of your learners .
You'll understand what content is effective.
You'll create a learning experience they rave about.

Create a Campaign

To teach, engage, automate

Drip out bite-sized chunks of learning.

Turn learning hard concepts into a fun narrative.

Leverage 9+ interactive learning formats.

Send emails, alerts, and SMS Messages.

Automate delivery, follow up, behavioral reinforcement.

Build Engagement Campaigns

Post Training Events, Employee onboarding

Setup your content to drip out over time or tailor it's release to the learner's real world progress.

Question 1 send today at 10am

Question 2 send today at 2pm

Question 3 send tomorrow at 1:30pm

New Question


ConveYour Stephen Shapiro 30 Day Challenge Latent Customer Needs

Kill boring. Make your content fun. Give them interaction.

You're thoughts, courses, and programs are peerless right?

So why are you still using just emails, text, and some videos to convey your value? You need a new engagement toolbelt. Like that one Batman has.

Your Audience Joins your Campaign

You'll have 7 different ways of getting your audience into your campaign. Here are the 3 most popular ways. This is all about building your list so you can engage directly with your audience. No middlemen.

Text Message

It's really easy. Participants send a text message to your ConveYour SMS line with a campaign #hashtag as well as their name and email.

Join campaign via sms

Built-in Landing Page

Spend zero time fussing with a registration form for your campaign. You'll have a fast, secure, and mobile ready landing page out of the box.

campaign landing page

Embed Form

For when you are hosting your own landing page and want your own design.

campaign landing page

Each Member gets a Personalized Portal

Once your audience members have joined your campaign, they are invited to their very own portal to interact with your content and your design. You are in control, we don't cross-promote other teachers' content.

Portals Work Everywhere

There are no apps to download, or special things to install. These portals work on virtually all devices and all browsers.

microlearning on iPad with ConveYour
microlearning gamification ConveYour

You get them Motivated

Your participants have a million other videos, apps, and posts they could consume right from their mobile device. Once engaged, how are you motivating your audience?

Set points for each interactive question.

Incentivize your participants to learn.

Create contests and share results.

The points are a currency you use to set real value.

Not into gamification? Think it's for less serious, non-business content? Think again! We've seen top executives be super competitive and rate the format 5/5 in teaching effectiveness.

Track, Measure, and Share Results

You'll get actionable information to improve your teaching, marketing, and training. You can share your metrics to your audience to create the perfect feedback loop!

Stephanie Weiland-Knar

Stephanie Weiland-Knarr, Ph.D.

Popular psychotherapist and national speaker.

People are able to answer personal questions about their relationships. I can see the opinions and thoughts of my audience in real time without people having to raise their hands or speak out.

People are more willing to give feedback throughout an event and I know the demographics of my audience as I'm delivering my presentation. ConveYour is a dynamic tool. I have been able to follow-up with my audience ever since.


Track funnel performance and monitor content engagement.

Gain insight into your audience demographics.

Corporate Training

Further prove the value of your consulting. Share training results and performance with division heads and VP's.

microlearning metrics


Understand what topics your students need more time learning.

View individual and group assessment results to tailor your teaching.

Personal Training and Coaching

Setup data tracker questions to capture results from a client consistently. Then share those results back to them in the form of a dashboard.

A Bevy of Tools to Support

You'll have everything you need to scale your impact with your audience and add a personal touch.

ConveYour Conversations

Scale your Conversations

Maintain hundreds of two-way email and sms conversations, no problem.

Declutter your inbox. SMS and email threads are grouped by contact!

Conversations are shared with your team members making it easy to delegate follow up.

Integrate & Automate

Have a few other apps you want ConveYour to talk to? No problem! ConveYour plays nice with hundreds of apps through our Zapier integration. Also, check out our analytics system and wordpress plugin.

ConveYour Customer Success Download

Check out how others are using ConveYour to drive engagement.

Get Started

Let ConveYour work its magic (for free) for 2 weeks. After that pro plans start at just $97/month. Cancel anytime.

But can I _____?

The answer is most likely yes!


Breathe Life into your Content

Convert your content into a custom mobile game

Use our simple game builder to layout your questions.

Add images and videos to each question

Time delay the release of questions

Zero Barrier to Entry

Game is played on device & screen agnostic mobile web application.

Web-based means no Apple pay wall, no download instructions

Players are given a unique URL, their customer portal, so there's no need to login to play

It's Super Fun

Set point scoring

Dock points for time taken to answer

Release bonus questions

Doll out bonus codes

Show a leaderboard of top players

Players can add profile images

Players can invite others to play (optional)

Real time alerts when contacts answer a question

Great Administration Tools

Add contact through a registration form

Contacts can text to join

Rent your game content for a limited time period

Create metrics to share with company management or HR

Contact Management

Build your Following

Import contacts from just about any cloud service

Add your own custom data fields

Merge contact data from many sources into a single contact profile

Have contacts add themselves to my system via text message or registration form

Automatic Social Discovery

Discover social media information

Immediately added social profile images

View klout scores, twitter followers, gender, location, age, etc

Build Relationships

Contact notes

@tag users in notes for easy collaboration

Contact tasks

Attach files

Deep internet search - Pipl integration

View full update history on each contact

Organize Like Crazy

Dynamically Segment contacts by virtually anything through groups

Effortless tagging, searching, and sorting


Emails & Text Messages

Send emails & text messages to individuals and contacts

Receive incoming emails & text messages

Have threaded email & text message conversations right from within ConveYour

Automatically personalize each email or text message to the recipient using field placeholders

Marketing Automation

Build rich HTML emails with drag N' drop tools

Automate emails to go out based at a specific time

Send emails & text messages automatically when a contact meets a specific condition

Send emails & text messages automatically based on contact behavior in your website

View opened, replied, clicked %'s for every email

Group marketing actions into a campaign for easy management

But wait, there's more! ;-)


Track game behavior

Track behavior and usage of your app/site

Show HR what business department is winning the game

Gain insight into your contact data like attendee demographics

Track contact progress through a process using funnels


Create guest and admin accounts for your contractors, clients, and employees

Fine-grained field permissions

Sandbox a user into seeing only the contacts they need to see.

What's Next for You?

You can get started with a free trial, schedule a demo, or just give us a call! Our number is 210-446-5200