Triggered Content Engagement Format Setup

Getting Started

"Triggered Content" (aka triggers) are terms we use to describe the text messages, email, polls, challenge questions, and other engagement formats that you setup in ConveYour.

Check out Intro to Triggered Content to learn all about the different engagement formats of triggered-content ConveYour provides.

Creating Engagement Format Triggers

After you have set your campaign parameters, it's time to create your triggers. From the campaign's menu, select Triggers:

select triggers

From the triggers zone, choose Add New Content or Automation: Add New Content or Automation

You are presented with all trigger types. Choose the engagement format for your trigger:

Choose Engagement Format

You select the engagement trigger type you want - and then click on Yes to confirm. Or - click on Learn More to review how the trigger works, and use cases.

The short 4 minute video gives you an overview of setting up an engagement format trigger, and the text that follows offers the visual details provided in the video:

Other trigger options here include messaging formats, automation or integration with other software, and advanced options we use for webhooks. Please don't hesitate to ask us about these trigger options, and how they are used.

Other Trigger Formats

Triggered Content Process

Depending on the engagement format you selected, you will craft your questions or messaging, adding video content as needed, by following through with the steps for your specific engagement setup. When you select Guide Me, ConveYour walks you through the process for each type of engagement format, and prompts you for the type of content you need. The following text assumes you clicked "Guide Me".

Guide Me

Step one in the process is to give your trigger a name.

Name Your Trigger

In Basic Settings, give your new trigger a descriptive name, related to the type of engagement format you selected.

This is a short descriptive name for this piece of content. For interactive formats, this name is used as a label inside each participant's portal.

For non-interactive triggered content formats that do not use the participant's portal such as SMS messages, emails, and tagging contacts; this name just helps you easily remember what the content is for.

Click NEXT to setup your timing preferences.


Step 2 in the process is Perfect Your Timing.

There are many ways to time the release of your triggered content. For a deeper explanation on timing and triggers, see information on timing with a demonstration video. Definitions provided below.

Release Immediately

There should be no wait for someone to receive this content.

On a Specific Day

Release your content ONLY on a specific date. People that are added to your group or campaign after this specific date will not have this content released to them. This is a great option for content that is tied to your calendar like event dates, holidays, etc.

Delay Release from Campaign Start Date

( Available in ConveYour campaigns feature..)

Use the Days Delay field to stagger the release of this content based on your campaigns Start On field. This is a good option for event/group based campaigns where you want everyone to be on the same page regardless of what time after the event they joined.

Delay Release from Join Date

( Available in ConveYour campaigns feature..)

Use the Days Delay field to stagger the release of this content based on when the participant joins the campaign. This is your typical drip campaign.

Learn more about drip campaigns and timing.

Automatically when someone matches this group.

This option is only available in triggered content setup under a group

Release your content to those that match your group initially, then send to each contact that matches your group thereafter. A contact will only receive this content once no matter how many times they pop in and out of this group.

Days Delay

OPTIONAL: Enter a number of days to stagger the release of your content based off a campaign start date or contact join date.

Start At

Set the time of day that you want your content to start releasing.

Run Days

List the days of the week this content should be sent/released for contacts that apply. By default all days of the week are eligible. This option will supercede the Timing option and Days Delay. You can put sat, Tuesday, Tues. Or even a single entry of weekdays or weekends.


Use this field if you are releasing two or more pieces of content on the same day with at the same exact time of day and you want to fine-tune the order of each piece of content. The higher the number put 1 for 1st, 2 for second, etc.

Click NEXT to select your Banner

Banner Selection

Step 3 in the process is Give it a Visual

OPTIONAL: This optional banner is used as a background image for your piece of interactive content. If you don't set a banner, your campaign's banner will be shown instead.

Setting up individual banners for each question is a fun way to increase variety and engagement with your participants. However, it's totally optional. You can learn more tips on selecting great banners in Banner Images Best Practices. For now, we recommend you simply choose one of the banners provided.

Add a banner and click NEXT.


Step 4 in the process is Setup Your Question.

Here, you have an opportunity to write your question, set up your poll, create a checklist for the user to complete, or simply add the content you want to show them (in the case of a content-only trigger).

If you need help writing your questions, or there is something about the question setup that you don't understand, please feel free to reach out to us.

Review Intro to Triggered Content to learn all about the different engagement formats of triggered-content ConveYour provides.

Setup your question, and click NEXT.


Step 5 in the process is Add a Video

Adding a video is optional. Click NEXT if you do not wish to add a video. If you do add a video, at this time ConveYour support video URL's from YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo. If you have another hosting service you would like to ask us about - please reach out.

You also get to select if you want the video to play before, or after the question. In some cases, you ask a follow-up question about the video content. In other cases, you want to pose a question first, and then verify the expected answer in the video follow-up. It's up to you!

Click NEXT to move forward.


Step 6 in the process is setting up your alert messages.

Not all triggers require an alert. If you are setting up a campaign in which all of the content is available to interact with at once, such as in a self-paced course, then you may only need an alert to go out for the first trigger, and the others require no alert.

Alerts can be set to go out to mobile devices as a text message (SMS) or as an email only alert. The setting you select depends on your audience. You can also select the default setting of try SMS first, then email if no mobile number was provided.

sms or email

You also can select which admin or owner the alerts should look like they are coming from. If you need to connect your email account and have it verified so you can use it as your outward-facing ConveYour email, please contact us. We can set that up for you!

The tricky part of setting up alerts to go out is understanding how you can use placeholder fields to pull contact data into the message. This personalizes your messaging, and is a powerful tool. Learn more about placeholders here.

Click NEXT to advanced options.

Advanced Options

Here you can set a topic for this trigger, and this can help you in the future if you want to search triggers by topic, and will come in handy as we build lessons going forward.

Adding a topic is optional. To move forward click NEXT to Review & Finish.

Click Review & Finish An alert will pop-up reminding you when the trigger is scheduled and to how many contacts the trigger will apply to. If this is your first time setting up triggers, that should say "will apply to 0 contacts"

Next, it's time to test it out!

Give it a Try!

Follow along with this video to create a series of Text Message Triggers:

Test It Out!

After you have created your triggers, ConveYour offers a testing ground for you to see how your campaign and triggers display for the audience.

From the Campaign's menu, select Triggers. In the same zone where you create new content or automation, you can choose to Test It Out!

Test it out

Testing look and feel on a tablet: Testing interface

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