Introduction to Triggered Content

What is triggered content?

We call triggered content, "triggers" because you may setup conditions, based on timing and audience, that when fully met triggers content to be released or an action to occur.

What kind of triggered content can I setup?

  • Engagement Formats : Use 10+ interactive engagement formats to create courses, challenges, and comprehensive assessments.

  • Messaging : Setup emails and SMS messages to re-engage people in your campaign

  • Automate Internal Things : Automatically add & remove tags on contacts, add them to other campaigns, or completely remove them from the system!

  • More Advanced : Send data to other online systems, solve hairy problems ;-)

Listen as you look at the examples of engagement formats below:

Engagement Formats

Challenge Questions

Multiple choice, one correct answer, keep trying until correct, timed.

Challenge Question


Multiple choice, answers are subjective so no answer is more valuable than any other.

Poll Gif

Assessment Questions

Like a poll, but each answer can have a different point value.

Assessment Question format

Order Challenges

Sort the jumbled list to the correct order. Keep trying until you get it right.

ordering challenges

Stats Trackers

Help people track important behaviors and goals, daily, weekly, or monthly

Create Custom Stats Tracker

Social Media Posts

Prep a social post. Give points to your participants for sharing!

Social Gif

Fill in the Blank

The good ol' fill in the blank. It's a classic! Great for concepts that multiple-choice would too easily give away the answer.

Fill in the blank questions


Setup a simple checklist. Give points for completion! Checklist Example

Open Ended Questions

Sometimes you just want to get a qualitative answer from your participants. Open Ended Example

Communication Formats

Automate Workflows

How do I set them up?

You create triggered content within your campaigns.

Check out Triggered Content Setup on creating triggers within your campaign.

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