Setting up Groups

If you haven't learned about groups in ConveYour yet, you should check out Intro to Groups first. It's a good read.

To create a new group go to: Main Menu > Groups then select Create Group

Create New Group

You can also create groups from your contacts list - and the contacts menu: new group

When the menu pops up you can:

  • Give your group a name
  • Edit the contact attribute conditions to match your desired condition.
  • Optionally add a new section to segment contacts based on their event activity
  • Click "create group" at the bottom.

Setup a group

What if you don't have any obvious attributes to organize a group of contacts? You can create a tag group, and invite members of your larger list of contacts to join that group. Learn more... view Setting up Tag groups.

Want to create a group from a specific campaign so you can monitor how they are doing, or to communicate directly with only those campaign participants? Check out Creating Groups from Campaigns linked below.

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