Custom Sender Addresses

Before you can use custom email addresses in the From or Reply-To fields of an email, you must verify they exist and that you control them.

You can add and manage your sender "from" email addresses within settings.

Creating a Sender Address

  • Select settings from the main menu menu
  • From settings click "Sender Addresses"

Sender Addresses Menu

  • Add The name you would like to use, this can be a business, or personal name.
  • Add your Sender address

adding email

  • Verify ownership of your email address by clicking the link within the verification email.


  • Once this is set you can improve deliver-ability and stay out of the spam folder by setting up Sender Policy Framework Or SPF for short by following the In-App instructions

Using Sender Addressess

You can then set whichverified sender email address you want to use when sending emails.

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