Microlearning Use Cases

What is Microlearning All About?

Adapt to the New Reality

It’s time trainers adapted to the new reality: shorter attention spans, endless distractions, the always-on mobile life. We can show you how to take your premium content and turn these challenges into opportunities. It takes a new tool and a new approach.

New Pressures on Your Content

Employees and customers with fruit-fly level attention spans no longer respond to linear content dumped online. Even premium, free content is taken for granted, forgotten, or side-stepped with a tap. If you build premium content, what if they don’t come?

Every day is a new fight for attention. Clients increasingly require agencies to prove their ROI on your training programs. How are you driving and measuring impact in the organizations you serve? What systems do you have in place to create habit change in employees, partners, and customers?

To get your ideas flowing, check out these microlearning uses cases below. You'll learn many ways you can use ConveYour to rocket launch your engagement levels, better leverage your content, and drive positive, measurable change within organizations.

Microlearning Use Cases

Infinite access to knowledge is driving attention spans to all time lows.

Knowledge has become a commodity. In a moment we have access to any knowledge we want. We look at reviews on Amazon while we're in Best Buy. A kid learns his math on the Khan Academy Youtube channel. We trust what's current & relevant over ponderous polish.

As knowledge consumers, we've developed fruit-fly level attention spans. It's 2 minutes on that blog and a youtube video while watching a new Netflix show at the same time.

There will be winners and losers in the attention game.

The winners will be companies that understand this new normal doesn't just change how they approach marketing and sales. The winners will be those that realize this new incredulous, "why should I watch this" world applies to their own people just as much!

These winning companies are going to find ways to maintain "consumer" trust and attention, so they can better engage, train, and influence their people; and as a result generate the new and better behaviors they need to compete.

Companies that are going to find turning their cruise-ship difficult are going to be the companies that continue with the assumption that they have the attention of their people which leads to the practice of breaking learner trust. Bad practices like distributing un-curated training materials, sending unpersonalized messaging, creating one-way learner experiences that don't hook them early - these are all examples of how companies break learner trust and erode engagement.

Picture your "WorkforceLand" filled with engaged citizens.

Imagine if your typical internal training and messaging tools worked more like a cutting edge marketing automation system where content for your people was personalized, tailored, relevant, and delivered just-in-time to your people!

What if you could produce engaging, effective digital training at a pace that actually matches the changes in your business?

What if your people hotly anticipated content from you and actually asked for more? How much learning "management" would you have to do then?

Connect and teach at scale.

With ConveYour you can..

Send personalized text messages to groups.

Create highly engaging, mobile e-learning courses.

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