Introduction to Email in ConveYour

What sort of things can I do?

  • Send an email newsletter to 10 thousand contacts
  • Keep track of email conversations with your clients.
  • Send a special email offer to a website visitor 2 hours after they visited the sign-up page for your e-learning course!

These are just a few examples of how powerful you will be as a marketer/client-supporter when you take advantage of ConveYour's email features.

ConveYour is built on one of the largest email marketing backbones in the world.

The basics of messaging in ConveYour:

  • You can send out newsletters
  • Send messages to thousands of contacts if needed, and view results/metrics
  • Send messages to groups, individuals, and create automated campaigns for groups
  • Easier management of individual conversations
  • Automatic messages can be sent to specific contacts that meet certain conditions
  • Send personalized emails to multiple contacts at the same time using "placeholders" **


The messaging tab shows a list of outbound messages, starting by most recent. The message list also shows

  • How many people the message was sent to
  • How many people opened it
  • How many people replied
  • How many people unsubscribed

There are 3 types of messages

  • Individual Messaging
  • Group Messaging
  • Trigger Messages (automation)

Individual Messaging

Individual messages are sent to single contacts:

  • From main menu select Contacts > List

contacts list

  • Open a contact profile simply by clicking on a name from your List
  • Send messages by clicking on more > Send New Email email contact

  • Messages show up as new threads with email, and a single thread with text messages

Group Messaging

Segmenting your list of contacts based on certain criteria is one way to target your audience and send very personalized messages to a specific group.

  • Create groups from your list of contacts based on certain conditions
  • Conditions are pre-determined fields with targeted distribution (I.E. twitter followers "is more then" 1000)
  • Dynamically pull in data from your contacts' profile information into your messaging, personalize the messages, using placeholders

For details on working with Groups see:

Triggered Messaging

  • Automate your marketing & support using triggers.
  • Triggered messages are only sent once to contacts that meet a certain condition (I.E.send message once a contact gets more then 1000 followers)
  • Triggered messages can be attached to campaigns that target a group of contacts (i.e. send a message on day 3 of campaign to those specific contacts)


You can use placeholders to send group and triggered emails while still making the message personal. I.E. "Hey {{first name}}, congrats on getting {{twitter followers}} twitter followers! Each message shows up differently for every contact that receives it, which personalizes the message to that person:

"Hey Stephen, congrats on getting 1000 twitter followers!"

Here's an introductory video on utilizing placeholders within messaging to help personalize the message: placeholders demo video

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