Easy SMS Campaigns

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What is an Easy SMS Campaign?

Sending a series of automated text messages to your contacts by creating a simple SMS, or text message, campaign.

Why? Use Cases?

  • Encourage new strategies or behaviors through short, habit-forming reminders or challenge messages.
  • Congratulate contacts for achievements when completing tasks or segments of a course.
  • Reminders to a segment of contacts -aka group- about specific tasks they need to complete.
  • A strategy to create an immediacy and feeling of close-contact with your group through consistent check-ins and encouragement.

Best Practices

  • Remember you are sending a text message. Consider that you would not enjoy reading a long extended dance version of a message. Keep your messages to smaller, more informal pieces of content.
  • You want to make the message as much of a direct connection as possible to make your group or tribe members feel personally connected to your content. When sending messages to the group, personalize the message by using “placeholders” (link to video demo) that pull contact first names and other personalized information into the message. A visual example of using placeholders is below. The placeholder begins with the {{

text message example with placeholder

How? Part 1 - Create New SMS Campaign

You can send one message at a time to a group. OR, you can also set up a series of messages, or “campaign” that contains a planned, incremental “drip” of messages and information. Think of the campaign as a folder containing the triggers or controls over when these announcements will go out and keeping your content organized.

Create New Campaign

This first video goes over basics about campaigns:

Basic details about campaigns can be found on this page: Campaigns Setup Part 1

How? Part 2 - Edit Campaign Settings

The second video goes over your very basic campaign settings when editing your campaigns:

And details can be found on this page: Campaigns Setup Part 2

Mobile Phone Number

Be sure to require the mobile phone number on sign-up so that you can send your SMS (or "text") messages. The mobile phone number requirement can be confirmed in your campaign edit mode, under advanced settings in the Landing Page area:

Edit > I'm a Pro Show Me the Settings > expand Landing Page Settings

Set Mobile Phone Number to "required" mobile phone required

How? Part 3 - Set Up Your Text Messaging Triggers

This video shows triggers setup within a campaign of the following scenario. Suppose you are a career coach and you have create a 7-day (or one week) program for clients to encourage them to take a giant leap forward in their life by taking some initial action steps. Maybe it's a career change, or they desire to make a shift within their current career. You plan to send 1 message, each day for 7 days that gives them small actionable steps to move forward in their career change.... follow along, and setup your own SMS triggers! (Note: This video assumes basic campaign setup is completed. In addition triggers setup wizard has changed, but process is the same.)

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