Creating Custom Fields

We've gone to great effort to make sure our system works around your workflow and not the other way around. One of the most powerful tools we have is our custom fields system.

With the fields system, you can...

  • Create custom contact fields with different types like number, text, true/false, date, etc.
  • Choose where the field is visible either on the sheet, contact profile, or both.
  • Choose what type of user can edit a field and view your custom field
  • Create a dropdown list of restricted values for easy data entry

Creating Custom Fields

Go to More > Settings

more settings

In fields, you can add fields related to:

  • Contact Info
  • Social Media
  • Analytics


Select Contact Info to add parameters related to Contact Data that is important to you.

For example, a public speaker may want to sort contacts by city where the event took place. So when the audience signs up for ConveYour interaction at the event, Event City might be a custom field that audience members fill in city name as text when they sign up. This would allow the speaker to target messaging only those who attended a specific event by location.

In Contact Info, you can create your own custom field. Scroll down and select Add Field:

Add Field

Once you have added the field, click on settings tool for that field

Custom Field Settings

Within your custom field's settings you have many options available to you....

Show in Sheet

Check or uncheck this field to show or hide the field on all contact sheets

Show in Profile

Check or uncheck this field to show or hide the field on all contact profiles

Field Type

Choose the type of data you wish to collect in this field. In the scenario of the public speaker, you would choose text - looking for event location by typing in the city where the event took place.

Editable By

Choose what user roles can edit this field.

  • Admins : only admin users can edit this field.
  • Admins & Guests : Both admin & guest users can edit this field
  • No Editing : No one can edit this field when this option is selected. This is a good setting for fields like company_id or something that never changes.

Visible By

Choose what user roles can view this field. By default all user roles can see all fields. Changing this option to just "Admins" will hide this field from guest users.

Dropdown Values

You can make any text or number field a dropdown value list within a contact's profile by adding values within this textbox. Leave it blank if you do not want to restrict the values.

Restricting Field Values

Custom Fields are Conditions that are related to the individual contact. By creating a custom field for all contacts who sign up for your program, you have the power to now send targeted messaging to only those contacts who match this condition.

You can now create a Group from your contact that meet this condition.

Create Custom Group

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