ConveYour Analytics

1 Identify & track real people in your website, e-learning course, or membership portal.

2 Then segment & engage them with the perfect messaging automatically.

The Missing Piece to your Online Strategy

Just having compelling content isn't good enough. Let's help you....

ConveYour Analytics Collection

Transform Page Views into Sales

Find the Low Hanging Fruit

You don't have to be a quantitive analyst to start increasing your sales through ConveYour Analytics!

Copy & paste a few lines of code into your website and you're done. We'll track pageviews from your site back to the right ConveYour contact.

Window Shopper ] New Customer

EMelissa visits your e-learning course sales page, then she comes back 1 day later.

wConveYour sends her an email 3 hours later with a coupon code for the e-learning course.

kMelissa loves your personal, timely message, clicks on the link and buys the course.

ConveYour Pageview Analytics

Grow Membership Subscriptions

A Must for Any Membership Site

Get the answers to your biggest questions. What's your member churn rate? What's your engagement like?

Sync your membership data with ConveYour in real-time. Segment your members by virtually anything and send automated messages to drive performance.

Ripe for Upgrade?

KJohn signed up for your rookie membership level a month ago.

,He's logged in over 10 times since then!

;John receives an automated email that anchors the value he has received from the site and encourages him to upgrade to platinum.

ConveYour Pageview Analytics

Catapult E-Learning Conversions

Fix the Leaky Learner Funnel

You created a fantastic, meaty online course...

Problem! For whatever reason a large portion of your learners aren't completing your course. They're stuck. Do you know where? How do you identify problems? How do you scale support?

We'll help you automate all of your messaging, tailoring each message to an individual learners progress and performance.

Automate Learner Success

+Your corporate client adds 100 of her employees to your course.

qA text message is sent to each employee automatically, welcoming them to the course.

mEveryone is jazzed! Super happy HR manager here we come!

cActivity from your course is being pushed into ConveYour in real-time.

!Uh-oh! You can see that employees are having trouble with Section 1. Luckily, you catch it before your client does.

;You setup an automated email that is sent the instant an employee reaches Section 1. The email helps them get around the problem.

xYou tweak your course to fix the problem.

ConveYour Pageview Analytics

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